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Challenges of the internet big data era

2014/2/13 11:10:41

"The 21st century is a complex and unpredictable century. Our fixed thinking habits and corevalues are experiencing new challenges." This is the view of the famous contemporary animation director, animatorand cartoonist Mr.Miyazaki on the rapid development of the internet era! 

The internet erabrings rapid geometric growth to all kinds ofnetwork-based applicationsin terms of application type, number ofusers, and bandwidth size. To be able to provide a traditional normally-operating service is a simple mission nowadays, and is no longer what the provideris most concerned about. Further requirements for refined analysis of data, especially analysis of network data traffic, riskevents, and application status, now draw the most concern from providers and users. 

As a pioneer of internet data communication service, CNLink fully considered the importance of effective data analysis and monitoring to the application service providers, especially in the internet big data era. With FLOW analysis technology and ten years ofnetwork operating experience, CNLink broke through the original management mold that provider is only responsible for stable bandwidth and data center environment by developing a monitoring service platform-"SKY-E". SKY-E is suitablefor a big data environment, and it provides application service providers (and ICP) with multi-layer data flow analysis, risk event monitoring and early warning, and application status monitoring and analysis. 

With years of experience, CNLink has a deep understanding of all kinds of application service providers and their concerns for "priority" and "degree". Therefore, our SKY-E is designed with the following features:

"Flexibility and variety":

Sky-E collects and exchanges a high proportion of various types of network traffic flow via gateway routing device, and conductsflow analysis by bypass distributed information analysis architecture.This flexible deployment is good for different network environments, and does not harm the customer's existing network applications.

"Technique and speed":

Sky-E can conduct integrated multi-layer monitoring, detect abnormal application state and traffic in advance, and provide accurate and timely event analysis, positioning, notification, and processing. It is the perfect integration of "technique" and "speed".

"Meticulous analysis":

With a meticulous and personalized monitoring interface, Sky-E is able to integrally display thereal-time status and historical events of different application service sites in three dimensions. It also provides customers with efficient, direct and multi-dimensional data reports bydata mining and matrix analysis of various events and historical data. 

Modern war is a war of information. You must have a thorough knowledge of the enemy and yourself to win the war. Business is like a battlefield. Owning an advanced "radar system" (information awareness system and warning analysis system) is imperativeand indispensable to an application service provider.