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CNLink partners with IBM to develop a Cloud computing platform

2014/2/13 11:07:49

Specializing inintegrated IT servicesfor Greater China and Asia Pacific area, CNLink Networks Limited (hereby referredto as CNLink) recently announced that it will partner with IBM to developa CNLink Cloudservice platform,so as to improve the current Cloud services of online gaming and intelligencee-commerce. The poolingmanagement systemcombines computing, storageand resources.  With this system, CNLink Cloudcomputing platform ensuresthat users have security, flexibility,economyand automation.


A major trend of IT industry, Cloud computingtechnology has been rapidly developed in the global IT market.Based on applications, data and ITresources, Cloud computing provides services via the internetand enables the enterprises and evenindividuals tofreely obtain anddeliver a variety of IT servicesthroughthe resource poolingmanagement system. It is highlyexpandible and flexible.Nowadays, the Cloud computing service market is experiencinga rapid growth.By partneringwith IBM, CNLink will bebuildinga secure, reliable and highly expandableCloudcomputing service platform. This will definitely bring more opportunitiestoCNLink inGreater China area.

CNLinkis a leadingprofessionalprovider offeringone-stopintegratedIT services.Thepurpose of the collaborationwithIBM is to buildan effectiveCloudplatformwith integrationof efficienthardware system, stablephysicalenvironment, superiorinternetnetworkgateways, reliable securitymanagementservices,and high-qualitymanagementplatform. This Cloudcomputingplatform is multi-regional, multi-point and public in the realmeaning of the word. It brings the best possible experience to business users while promotingdevelopment.

As part ofthe collaboration, IBM willprovide CNLink withIBM SmartCloud-based Cloud computinghardware and software solutions, which include IBM System x®server, DS3500storagesystems, integratedCloudservicemanagement software─IBM Service DeliveryManager,andIBM Internet SecuritySystems ™ (ISS)virtualizationsecuritysolutions. With thebuilt-inVMware, KVM, and PowerVMsoftware, thisCloudcomputing serviceplatformcan support multipletypesofplatforms andvirtualmachine monitors(VMM).And it is only available at CNLink.

As a businessinformationand communicationintegrated serviceprovider, CNLink combinesits ownbackbonenetworkand professional securityplatformwith IBM’s high-qualityprofessional technology and developscustomizedsolutions for users ine-commerce, game & video, researchand education, multifacetedwebsite,and otherindustries.It allows the business user toconductcentralizedmanagement, rational allocation, efficientdeployment, real-time monitoringandsecuritybackup of various hardwareand software, and providesmore convenient,economical and quickercomputing, storage, applicationsandresource management.Resources areutilized on demandand there is truly elasticity ofexpansion. Thisenhancesthe user’s business competitiveness.

Equipped with full-featuredIBMCloudcomputingsolutions, CNLink’sCloudcomputing platformwill be abletodeployITresourcesandservicesat ahigher speed, so as to enhancedeliveryefficiencyand customer satisfaction. CNLinkcloudcomputingplatformis based onindustry leading ISS virtualizationsecuritysolutions. This technologyis fromthe IBMX-Forcesecurityresearchand developmentteam, as wellasdecades of IBMexperience in customermanagementandsecurity services.IBMCloudcomputingsolutionsprovidesecurity monitoring for business, whicheliminatesthe biggest concern ofmost cloudcomputingserviceusers.

CNLinkpresidentMr. Mengqiu Zheng said:"CNLink strivesto becomethe world's leadinginformation and communicationserviceprovider that offers professional, integrated and one-stopservice. Collaborating with IBM enables us to integrate a variety of ourITresources andcreate arealmulti-regional andmulti-siteCloudcomputing platform. CNLink has always stressedthe importance of'service' alongside thevalueof our resourcesanddevices. By cooperating with IBM, CNLinkhopes to developea better and moreconvenientserviceplatform, and to createmorevalue for our customersand achieve a win-win goal."

IBMHong Kong general manager of Department of Commercial Enterprise Yichang Wei said: "Cloud computingservices are increasingly accepted bythe market. The priority for now isto assistthe customers with quicker new services and resolvetheir security problems by using our uniqueCloud computing.Customers’ better use ofCloud computing technologywill in turn enhancetheir operating efficiency. IBM is very pleasedto cooperate with CNLink in establishing a stable cloudcomputing platform.Not only to promote thebusiness growthof CNLink, but also to accelerate the widerapplication ofCloud services. "