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New Registration Procedures

1. Website owner downloads"Website registration application"; fills it out in detail according to the requirements, and emails it back to the nearest CNLink registration-counseling customer service mailbox.

2. Once our registration specialists receive the application, they will review the entity information, including preliminarily determining if the entity’s information is true and verifying contact information by phone, email or other methods. If all the information is true, an on-site verification notice will be sent to the website owner.

3. After receiving the notice, website owner must take valid ID and other relevant documents to CNLink office for further authenticity verification within five working days.

4. CNLink registration specialist will then inspect the authenticity of the original documents provided by website owners and compare the identity card, NOC certificate, business license and other necessary information with the records of Department of Public Security, Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, Administration for Industry and Commerce, etc. Registration specialist will also compare the original ID to the identity of the person in attendance.

5. After the verification, a copy of valid ID and relevant documents will be retained for CNLink’s records. Form "Authenticity Verification of the Website Registration Information" will also be filled out in duplicate: one is for CNLink’s own record, the other, with the stamp of CNLink official seal, is for the presiding Administration of Communication.

6. CNLink is required to take a full-face color photo of the person in charge and keep a copy. Once the photo is taken, CNLink registration specialist will submit the digital photo and registration information through our filing system to the presiding Administration of Communication. "Authenticity Verification of the Website Registration Information" will be submitted by fax.

7. Administration of Communication of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities will review the submitted information within the next 20 working days. A registration record number will be assigned by the MIIT to qualified website, and CNLink will then perform the installation of your internet access; information about the unqualified website will be returned to our filing system, and re-verified by us again.

8. Please pay attention to your e-mail, or you can log into the filing system to check the status. After the registration is accepted, please login to filing system and download your electronic certificate. Put the downloaded certificate in the same directory as your homepage. Registration record number shall also be posted on the homepage.