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With a complete set of telecommunication licenses and qualifications, CNLink Network Technology is the

leading internet service provider in mainland China. We offer integrated cross-region services for private WAN and public application networks, including communication network development, network security

and management, and enterprise application integration.

Our responsibility is to best meet the demand of business users and build an efficient, secure, multi-

application, and manageable business network for our customers. With our superior internet service,

world leading customer service system, professional and innovative technical support, and sophisticated management team, CNLink continues to contribute to your rapidly developing business. Our integrated

solutions include internet data center (IDC), multiprotocol label switching/ IP virtual private network (MPLS / IP VPN), internet access service (ISP), internet information service (ICP), information security service,

and Cloud computing service.

CNLink is also outstanding for its network development and operating management capabilities. Our

sophisticated technical support team is proficient in a variety of mainstream network devices, operating

systems, and application management software. We also have an operating and maintenance

management team, consulting team, excellent customer service, and self-developed IDC

centralized monitoring management platform.




‧ A complete set of telecommunication service licenses, including IDC / ISP / ICP / IP VPN / SP.

‧ Network covers eleven provinces and municipalities including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Jiangsu

  Province, Hunan Province, Shaanxi Province, Shandong Province, Sichuan Province, Guangdong

  Province, Jilin Province, and Liaoning Province, with high-quality data centers (IDC) and transmission

  platform built in those areas.

‧  Independently-developed network security operations center (SOC) which integrates different security

  devices. It is the only center of its kind in mainland China.

‧ Operating and maintenance capabilities for more than 100 cross-region nodes.

‧ Over 200G of multi-routing, multi-bandwidth, and hierarchical management capabilities.

‧ Besides our ISO9001 quality management system certification, CNLink has a complete internal   BMS

  management system and highly-efficient management procedures. This enables us to provide 24/7 one-

  stop, international-standard SLA service to our customers.

‧ Professional certified engineers: 11% with CCIE, 26% with CCNP, 63% with CCNA, HCNE and /or


‧ Professional information security qualification: Eighteen experts are nationally registered CISP.

‧ Consecutively awarded honors including "Service Quality Award," "The Most Trusted Brand," "Editor’s

  Choice of Best IP VPN Solution Award," "Best IDC & VPN Service Provider," "Editor’s Choice of the

  Most Popular IDC Service Provider," "IDC & CDN Industry Promising Product Award," and "Best Cloud

  Integrated Service Provider."