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Specialization and Expansion - Cross-platform integrated information and communication

service provider with self-owned IDC and self-developed backbone networks.

CNLink Networks Limited is a cross-platform integrated information and communication service provider that has built backbone networks on top of its own IDC in mainland China.  We offer integrated cross-

region services such as multi-point IDC/ VPN/ISP/SOC/Cloud computing and mobile internet. With our independently developed BMS/CRM/OSS management platform, CNLink is able to provide quick and

complete chain deployments which fit business development, elastic expansion, and secure redundancy

needs. Customers can enjoy continuous and extensive network services of single window service, flexible pay, and hierarchical management.


Legality and Assurance - Deeply rooted in China, CNLink has a complete set of

telecommunication licenses for data communication business.

CNLink has received IDC/ISP/ICP/IP VPN/SP operating licenses successively in previous years. In 2008, we received Permit for Operation of Value-Added Telecom Services issued by People's Republic of

China, which was one of the most important milestones for CNLink in the past decade. CNLink is a

pioneer of integrated service for cross-platform data communication. With a complete set of industrial

licenses and qualifications, excellent network performance, world leading customer service system,

technical innovation capabilities, sophisticated management team, broad industry resources, and solid

customer base, CNLink offers cross-region, cross-network, cross-platform integrated information

communication services. This includes professional communication network development, network

security and management, business network consulting, enterprise application integration, Cloud

computing, and mobile Internet service.


Innovation and services – Customer-oriented while pursuing innovation and excellence

Over the years, CNLink has embraced innovation, foresight, and excellence as our business goals.

Driven by customer demand and industry trends, we constantly stay at the forefront of information and

communications industry. CNLink does not only continue to enhance existing services, but has also

developed a cross-network service platform which combines cloud computing, security and mobile

internet services. Meanwhile, CNLink has been caring for and actively serving our customers for decades. Our operating and maintenance service management system, self-developed centralized monitoring

service management platform, and professional CRM customer service system makes possible 24/7

technical support and timely response to customers.