Sales Hotline:

I am a Shanghai CNLink dedicated internet, VPN, CDN customer. I am experiencing a network problem. How to proceed?

Please follow the procedures below to report:

1. Please call our 24/7 customer service hotline, 021-52413136.One of our customer servie representatives will be with youshortly.

2. Please tell our customerservice representative about your network problems(e.g. slow connection, trouble loading web page, no VG dial tone).

3. Help our customer service representativecheck the status ofrelated equipment (e.g. modemindicator).

4. Please waitforcustomerservice representative to handle your case.

5. Representative will transfer your caseto engineers.

6. Engineers willdiagnosethe problem.

7. Representative will replyto customer about problems and troubleshooting.

I want to let CNLink handle the non-commercial websites ICP registration application on behalf of my business, how to proceed?
Our original IT personnel are no longer with us or not in charge any more, and we want to inform CNLink about our personnel change.
I am a CNLink customer, and I want to give my personnel authorization to access the data center.
My service contract just ended, and I want to cancel service with CNLink.
I would like to apply for authorization CNLink engineers operating procedures.
I want to move in/ move out/ replace my server.